Farm Vision:

Virilles Eco Resort Management and Consulting Group vision is to gain control of 5 farm size resorts strategically throughout Costa Rica. The goal is to make these eco resorts as supply hubs for smaller resorts that want to be eco resorts and supplied by a true eco farm.  Virilles Eco-Resort Management and Consulting Group can either gain control of these smaller resorts and put them in our network or we can be a vendor for those resorts. We can also open a small store for sales to the locals as well.

Educational Vision:

The goal for each farm is to be both an educational platform as well as a resort and farm.  Virilles Eco Resort Management and Consulting Group plans to keep the resort and farm separated but yet connected.  Virilles Eco Resort Management and Consulting Group will be able to market an educational platform that would cover everything there is to offer on creating a turn key self sustained farm.

  • BioGas Production
  • Aquaponics
  • Permaculture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Proper handling of waste materials
  • Butchering
  • Smoking of meats
  • Cheese making
  • Soap Making
  • Operating a piggery
  • Last but not least good ole dirt gardening.

Health and Wellness:

The goal for our company within the health and wellness aspect is as follows:

  • Communicate with local Doctors and Dentist to improve medicinal tourism for the area.
    • Medicinal tourism in Costa Rica is a very large market that we will need to tap into.  We could arrange package deals for dental and other common procedures with the doctor’s in the area.
  • Establish an onsite health and wellness facility.
  • We plan to offer Yoga classes and other fitness classes
  • Reach out to local Holistic Doctors in the area
  • Teach Natural Medicine Practices
  • Onstaff Dietician to work with clients
    • The market we plan to tap into with this portion of the model will be people who just need a break from daily stress. We would like to provide team building sessions. One market within this sector we want to push marketing to will be War Veterans.  Virilles Eco-Resort Management and Consulting Group would like to be able to connect with deployed units so upon their return they usually will do a family retreat. We would like to offer them a package to do that retreat with us.
    • We would also offer long term recovery packages for people in our wellness zone.