Our Mission

Our mission is to keep the ECO in Eco Resort: Both Ecologically and Economically

We have seen the Eco Resort industry boom in recent years. This is great right? Wrong! What has happened is any and everyone is putting ECO Resort on their name even if they just planted a lot of flowers and are somewhat remote. Plus we are seeing prices go through the roof for visiting these locations. We feel ECO should be Eco friendly all the way. We see that if you are managing the resort truly eco, your overhead should go down very quickly with proper management so prices should not be so high to visit. Also we feel that there should be some standards maintained to be truly eco. So we plan to set that new standard. The standard we plan to meet is as follows.

  • We plan to provide meet or exceed 70% self-sustainability
    • Generate 100% of our own power for electrical needs
    • Produce 100% of our own Gas (BioGas) needs
    • Raise 80% of our own produce and meat needs
  • Handle all waste municipal, and non-municipal on the property in an eco-friendly conscious manner
    • Most of the waste from the property will be utilized in the production of biogas
    • Municipal waste will be incinerated to heat water.

Also part of our mission is to utilize the resources from our projects to help with rural development. We plan to educate, and empower the local community. We plan to provide them with the resources and education to be able to take our systems and implement them on their own. They can do this either for our company at another location or marketing it to local farmers and we help them set up their first farm by utilizing our staff and knowledge. 

You can see our vision on how to get there from this link.