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Online Booking ElysiumStays

Online Booking ElysiumStays

May 1, 2018 Comments are off for this post

ElysiumStays(EStayz) is Virilles online booking solution.

ElysiumStays is the online booking solution for eco resorts. ElysiumStays primary focus is on the promoting of ECO Resorts. EStayz will have a rating system that will show how eco your accommodations are. ElysiumStays will be implementing a ranking structure to rate each accommodation that is hosted by ElysiumStays. That is not all. EStayz will also be ranking the guest as well. Yes that is right, as a host you will be able to rank how eco-friendly your guest are. Do they throw trash everywhere? Does the guest make sure that they are treating your accommodations in an eco friendly manner. EStayz will be the mobile format of the site once development is completed. So list your accommodations with Elysium Stays so that it can shine for leaving this world in a better place than you received it.

If you have come to our site to utilize one of our booking solutions we do apologize that at this time we are just getting started and we appreciate your interest in our project. Please subscribe with us and we will keep in contact with our progress. For now though feel free to book with our affiliate marketing. This still helps Virilles in building the Eco Resort that is ran both Ecologically and Economically. As well as offering the training for the local on living a healthy sustainable organic lifestyle.

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