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Property Management

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Residential and Commercial Property Management

With over 20 years in the Property Management industry you can be at ease knowing that you have Virilles on your side. You have some of the markets leaders on your side with Virilles. With clients from the United States such as Wells Fargo, Caliber, Safeguard Properties and many more. Virilles has handled all aspects of property management. Rental property services, property full time staffing, REO services, and many more. Utilizing cutting edge software reporting so you can relax knowing that Virilles has you covered. The software allows you to see what is going on in real time with your property. Understanding the fears of you being on one side of the world while your property is on the other. Virilles has different solutions for you to choose from. Virilles offers 2 packages of management and many additional services. Our Complete Management Package is your turn key solution. We also offer a Basic Management Package as well.

Complete list of our services.

  • Online Marketing
    • Web hosting
    • SEO Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Website Development
    • Digital Media Services
  • Virilles offers a complete booking and management response
    • We take the headache out of the online booking process.
      • Handle all communications of the booking until the client arrives at your accommodations.
      • Post on your calendar once the booking is confirmed.
      • Notify you of the approximate time of arrival.
  • We can handle all Check-in/Check-out services
  • Cleaning services including:
    • Rental preparation and inventory with photos
    • Additional cleaning upon request
    • Departure cleaning and inventory with photos
  • Property maintenance services including:
    • General exterior maintenance such as:
      • Grass cutting
      • Gutters cleaned
      • Flower beds maintained, etc….
    • General construction services such as:
      • Concrete walkways
      • Roof repairs
      • Knob lock changes
      • Minor sheet rock repair
      • etc
  • We also provide the availability of installation on interior upgrades to improve rent-ability*
    • Televisions, kitchen appliances, light fixtures, bathroom faucets, etc…
      Repair or re-instillation of faulty items*



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