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Felicity Digital

May 1, 2018 Comments are off for this post

Felicity Digital is a sister company of Virilles Resort Management. Felicity Digital handles all your digital marketing needs. Virilles understands the time that is taken just on daily operations of your vacation rental. Taking care of bookings, lodging, and of course the guests. These are some of the reasons resort management is so enjoyable. Virilles also understands that to get those guests we must advertise. We all could use the AIRBNB, or booking.com type services, but we will never shine and get near the clientele we would like. Dealing with commissions and fees worse than a cell phone bill. Felicity Digital will handle all the marketing needs to make your accommodations shine above all others in your region. Felicity Digital offers all levels of help to get your vacation rentals out into the digital marketing world. We offer domains, web hosting, SSL, WordPress Sites, SEO marketing, Social Media Marketing. Felicity Digital is Virilles Solution to digital marketing.

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